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If you do not see the vitamin, herb or  
supplement (or any health product) youwant,   
please let us know and we will get itfor you!  

You may have seen otherbrands (good brands) such as Natures Sunshine®, Sundown®, Twinlabs®and many more. They all have great products. We feel like many of our customerthat they felt they were paying too much for health solutions (becauseof the extreme MLM mark-up or the high retail prices ) We choose to offeran alternative. Potent, high quality, select, herbs and vitamins at pricesthat you can afford. 

We can do this because thereis no middle man. We offer the same or in most cases superior quality toother brands.  We just want save you some money and make a littleprofit along the way. 


We guarantee 100%…   

  • We guarantee that in the manufacturing ofall our products U.S. FDA Good Manufacturing Practices are met and exceeded.
  • We guarantee that all the ingredients usedin our products are of the highest purity and quality.
  • We guarantee that every product we sell isfresh. You can find an expiration date imprinted on every label.
  • We guarantee that all our products meet orexceed the potency levels as established by U.S. government regulations.
 What you shouldknow about our products…  

   Quality:Every Health Salon vitamin, herb, supplement and other products are monitoredby Total Quality Control Systems at every stage of the manufacturing processas  required by the  U.S.FDA (Food and Drug Administration).  
We test every product for complete potencyand assay each product.  
         Save the Environment: Over 80% of ourproducts are bottled in #1 recyclable plastic bottles called PETE.