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November 23rd Article TIME 1998 
Excerpts from the TIME Magazine® Article - November 23rd, 1998
by John Greenwald (page 59) 
"Feeling a little dpressed? You could get a prescription for prozac or try psychotherapy. but 7.5 million Americans in the past year have instead gulped down an extract made from a bright yellow flower called St. John's Wort - available without a prescription at the local health food store or in the mall, or at your local Wal-Mart.  Fear the onset of cold and flu season? You could get a flu shot. Or, like 7.3 million Americans, you could sallow a capsule made from echinacea, a purple petaled daisey native to the Midwest. Worried about your morory fading? Then write down this name: ginkgo biloba. It's made from the fan shaped leaf of a tree found from China to South Carolina, and 10.8 million Americans regulary remind themselves to take it."
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