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Arthritis Pain Relief
Gingerroot may take the zing out of artritis pain. "Ginger is easy to find and easy to use, and it works internally and topically on the joints, "says naturopathic physician Eugene Zampieron, ND., an adjunct professor of botanical medicine at the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut. During his trips to the West Indies , Dr. Zampieron discovered that people there made ginger compresses to treat arthritis pain and inflamation.

You can easily make a ginger compress at home:
     Grate a piece of fresh gingerroot (available at the grocery store). Place it in a hot cloth, then put the cloth on the inflamed joint. Place a hot water bottle to top (wrap a towel around it keep it in place). Check your skin often. In rare cases the ginger can burn. If it does burn, place a light cloth between the wrapped ginger and the skin.

To treat arthritis internally grate 1/2 to 3/4 inch piece of gingerroot and steep it in a tea. Drink a much as you want, says Dr. Zampieron.

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