The golden, yellow root of this plant gives it its goldenseal name.
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The golden, yellow root of this plant gives it its goldenseal name. 
It has antibiotic properties stronger than many prescription 
medicines and is able to target "unwanted" bacteria, as
well as protozoa and yeasts. It is unique in that it does not 
harm the "beneficial" bacteria that are necessary in the 
digestive tract. The alkaloid berberine has the added 
benefit of increasing blood flow through the spleen, where 
it also increases the immune-building activity of the large 
supply of white blood cells there. By many herbalists goldenseal is 
considered one of the most powerful herbs. It is a substitute 
for quinine. It is one of the most effective remedies for 
inflamed and catarrhal conditions of the mucus membranes. 
It has the ability to heal mucus membranes anywhere in the 
body (bronchial tubes, throat, intestines, stomach, etc.). 
Indications include: for open sores, eczema, ringworm, and 
skin diseases; diphtheria, tonsillitis and severe throat problems; 
sluggish digestion; used with Skullcap and Hops for the 
spinal nerves; spinal meningitis; pyorrhea and sore gums; 
sinus difficulties; bladder disorders and lower bowel 
problems (can use as an enema); infection; flu; diabetes; 
constipation; colds; cankers; psoriasis; heart disorders; 
and gallbladder/spleen/pancreas. CAUTION: if a person 
has high blood pressure, watch for the highs and lows and 
if they occur, then substitute Myrrh for Goldenseal. 
Berberine stimulates the uterus - DO NOTuse goldenseal during 
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